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We partner with purpose-driven global leaders in highly regulated industries that have the greatest impact on the health of people and our planet.


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As the leading marketing partner shaping the future of agriculture, we seamlessly integrate strategy, creativity, and technology. Drawing on decades of industry experience, we excel in guiding global companies through transformative stages, including mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and partnerships. Our expertise spans customer insight, experience design, brand strategies, product launches, and comprehensive marketing campaigns.  

We adeptly communicate both technical and non-technical content to retailers and growers across diverse crop systems. As a Top 1% B Corp, sustainability is at our core, and we collaborate with clients to pioneer the future of sustainable agriculture.  
Athletics & Higher Education

Athletics & Higher Education

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Enliven your educational institution and athletic program with groundbreaking solutions. As stewards for various university athletics brands, we partner with athletic directors and their teams to breathe life into renewed visions, ensuring authentic and consistent representation across departments. From the administrative offices to locker rooms and competition fields, we design and execute inspirational environmental branding that celebrates winning cultures, weaving compelling stories that reflect institutions' focuses on excellence in academics, in sport, and in life.  

We collaborate with education and wellness leaders to reimagine and revitalize institutional identities, ensuring a seamless and authentic representation across campus environments. 
Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

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Makes measurable strides toward a more sustainable future. In response to the industry-wide challenge of growing demand for carbon footprint data, we provide assistance in navigating this complex landscape. Leveraging our strategic marketing capabilities, we have facilitated mergers, led successful rebranding campaigns, and introduced state and region-wide customer initiatives. We’ve helped sustainability leaders come closer to their environmental goals – and we model that in our own offices as a carbon-neutral company with three LEED certified office buildings, responsible waste management, and emissions reductions that offset 222 metric tonnes in 2022.  

No matter the situation, we will partner with you to ensure your business operates smoothly. Through any challenge you face, we will help you weather the storm.  
Health Systems & Healthcare Providers

Health Systems & Healthcare Providers

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Make caring for the people you serve more functional with innovative and transformative solutions. We have extensive experience partnering with the top academic medical centers and for-profit institutions in the United States on a variety of digital initiatives. Our thought leadership in the healthcare marketing space is second to none and we have a great track record of making key connections with healthcare leadership at industry conferences throughout the year.  

We are committed to fostering healthier communities and we specialize in delivering solutions for the people and organizations who have dedicated their work to making tangible differences in the lives of many. 

Nonprofits & Foundations

Nonprofits & Foundations

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Make a ripple-effect of positive change in your community. We’re proud to work with organizations founded with purpose as the principal focus. Through strategic brand development, digital marketing initiatives, and website optimization, we’re adept at effectively communicating your unique work and mission. We work with esteemed institutions and foundations who need tailored marketing campaigns that not only enhance their visibility but also solidify their narratives. We’re experts at crafting and executing targeted campaigns, establishing media relations, and creating compelling content contribute to increased awareness and community engagement – all backed by data.  

Through our collaboration, you’ll build even stronger connections with donors and volunteers through transparent communication and impactful storytelling.  
Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech

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Make a positive impact as you empower healthier communities. We have a proven track record of growing our pharma and biotech clients' businesses with a sharp focus on digital marketing and effective portfolio strategy.  

Drawing on our work with world-renowned health systems, we bring industry-leading expertise in ROI-driven marketing automation and lead generation. As experts in transformation and M&A, we enable C-suite executives to successfully lead change and evolve organizational culture. We measure success not only in exceeding our clients' business KPIs but also in the strength and longevity of our deep client relationships.  

Our approach goes beyond traditional marketing; we see our role as a catalyst for positive change, where your brand becomes a cornerstone in building and sustaining a healthier world. 


Unlocking Success in Email Marketing


Updates from Google and Yahoo are reshaping the email marketing landscape. Navigate these new requirements by better understanding key insights designed to help you stay ahead of your competition. Ensure authentic communication and future-proof your email marketing strategy with our recommendations on how to elevate your organization's inbox placement to effectively impact key audiences.

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Our Work

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Our Work

BASF's Visionary Approach to Personal Care with Purpose

BASF revolutionizes beauty industry leadership with its people-centered approach, showcased through the "Human. Nature." campaign developed with Global Prairie. The emotionally evocative initiative emphasizes BASF's commitment to inclusive, environmentally conscious personal care products. The campaign's success, driving double the leads compared to the previous year, marks a pivotal moment for BASF in redefining their brand narrative.
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Our Work

Finding New Ways to Inspire Donors Through Purpose and Innovation

Global Prairie collaborated with Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy to transform their health magazine into a visually striking digital experience. Conducting in-depth persona research and journey mapping, we optimized interactions for diverse donors. The digital impact report for the Power of EveryOne Centennial Campaign featured innovative data visualizations and contributed to raising $2.58B, impacting 100M+ patients.
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Our Work

Creating a Safer City Through Purposeful Community Engagement

Global Prairie partnered with Uncornered, a nonprofit addressing urban violence, to extend its successful model to Kansas City. The collaboration included a purposeful social media strategy, showcasing real-life transformations, and documenting measurable impact. Results were remarkable, with a reduction in shootings and a decrease in homicides in Kansas City. Social media support had remarkable engagement, exemplifying Uncornered’s commitment to positive societal change.

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