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Promoting furniture for good living  

Leland Furniture Social
A blue chair stacked upside-down on a green chair with a white pegboard behind them and two wooden chairs in the background.

Leland Furniture deeply believes in creating furniture that promotes good living and is good for the planet, and asked Global Prairie to amplify their brand presence and drive business growth through a focused digital marketing strategy across social channels. As a newer furniture brand competing with industry giants like Knoll and Miller, the goal was to stand out as a leader in the field by increasing awareness, engagement, and appealing to both new clients and designers.

Smart phone with Leland Furtniture instagram feed on a rustic orange background.

Global Prairie tackled these challenges by aligning with the Leland Furniture team through a workshop session, establishing overarching goals and audience understanding. Our strategy focused on increasing followers and overall page engagement, informed by a competitive audit and insights into Leland's unique position in hosting visiting designers from all over the world. Leveraging core content pillars, we executed a comprehensive social campaign across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, utilizing both paid and organic posts to authentically represent Leland's brand identity and purpose. 

Image of a sunset over water, with green and pink squares beside it and the text, "Inspired by Nature" overlayed.

Leland Furniture believes in their work and that putting quality and American-made materials matters more than being the trendiest or the flashiest. They are influenced heavily by the nature that surrounds them which makes them care deeply about their responsibility to the planet, so they work diligently to make products with sustainability in mind. The intersection of advanced design with passionate crafting to offer their clients furniture that truly changed how people feel in their spaces drove every part of the project from strategy, to content development, to paid digital assets. 

A four-tile image, showing a wooden table, a room with a green floor, a man in a wood shop, and a pile of round wooden slabs.

Global Prairie leveraged our experience in working with other agencies to bring this strategic approach to life. We had the challenge of working with Leland’s creative shop in Spain and ensuring that the brand identity they’ve developed over the years was intact, but also tailored specifically for the social landscape to increase performance and drive the results we needed. Given our expertise in the creative and social space, we were able to successfully collaborate with the agency and develop social-forward content.

We successfully communicated Leland Furniture’s passion through social media copy and visual design so that their social media presence represented them more authentically.

We boosted social media engagement with an average increase of 105.33% across Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

A computer mockup showing the Leland website over a blue background and cut-outs of multiple Leland Instagram posts over a beige background.