The Power of Employee Ownership


At Global Prairie, we believe that our 100% employee-owned structure isn't just a unique benefit; it's a driving force behind our motivated, engaged team. A growth mindset is ingrained throughout our entire organization - we’re committed to getting better every day.  

We offer best-in-class benefits, an inspiring work environment, a client portfolio of purpose-driven companies, and a shared sense of commitment to making the world a better place through the work we do at Global Prairie.  


This team is the most driven, all-in team that I have ever worked with. I love that I can trust and rely on every single team member to get our work done and contribute to our growth because employee ownership fosters a culture of high achievement and standards, candor, and self-management for the greater collective benefit of our team."
Brooke Baader, Employee Owner
Each person has a stake in the company– you can see it; you can feel it. Not only am I happier at work, but I now have a financial plan for my future (in my ESOP) that I didn’t have before. I wish every company in the U.S. were an ESOP company. But mostly, I wish I had found Web Industries 20 years sooner.”
Roseanne Wheeler – FLINT, web industries
Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon a team or organization can have.”
Pat Summit, Hall of Fame basketball coach
As one of the pioneering B Corps in the world of marketing, Global Prairie is a unique and innovative business designed to drive social impact.”
Kirsten Green, Employee Owner
Our team is always willing to go the extra mile for each other and for our clients, as it benefits the greater good.”
Mike Kanaley, Employee Owner
Each team member exudes great decision-making, they lean in to learn and do the good work, and they consistently deliver quality projects and service that ‘WOW’ our clients.” 
Raven Andrews, Employee Owner
As an employee owner, you can see how your decisions and contributions can directly impact the success and growth of the company and in turn yourself. The employee-owner mindset is powerful!”
Kyle Chandler, Employee Owner

Current Openings


Director, Client Partnership – FEMA

All U.S. Offices - Hybrid
We're seeking a Director on our Client Partnership team who is a passionate communications professional, a true collaborator, driver and ultimate impact player.

Manager, Client Partnership

All U.S. Offices - Hybrid
We’re looking for a dynamic and dedicated individual who thrives in orchestrating project coordination, overseeing the development of first-rate client deliverables, and nurturing meaningful client relationships.

Manager, Project Management

All U.S. Offices - Hybrid
We're looking for someone who can think big and can put the right people in the right place at the right time to deliver exceptional client work. Strengths are in managing both timelines and budgets, scope development and staffing plans - all in an effort to realize operational excellence.

Associate, Creative – Graphic Designer

All U.S. Offices - Hybrid
We're looking for a designer who demonstrates not just a proficiency in design, but an unwavering passion for creativity and a thirst for learning who thrives on bringing big ideas for collaboration. 

Associate, Client Partnership

All U.S. Offices - Hybrid
We’re looking for a well-rounded and energized associate who will support purpose-driven marketing efforts for our clients and is curious, positive, and has a team-first mindset. 

General Interest

All U.S. Offices - Hybrid
Interested in joining our Global Prairie team but don’t see an opening? We would love to hear from you. Fill out our general interest form and if we have an opening, our team will be in touch. 

The Business Impact of Employee Ownership


Our determination to be a force for good is our founding story. Our commitment to the B Corp movement and conscious capitalism keeps us learning about the impact of employee ownership on business success, sustainability, community, and culture. Our employee-ownership structure not only aligns with the growing global focus on humanitarian issues, but also addresses wealth inequality, contributing to a greater sense of purpose and passion among our employee owners. 

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