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We deliver transformative marketing solutions rooted in your unique purpose. 


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Forbes: Centering Purpose for Long-Term Business Success

At Global Prairie, we prioritize purpose. We attribute our success to our alignment with the B Corp movement and a commitment to being 100% employee owned. Read how our founders highlight the benefits of purpose-driven business amid industry disruptions and discuss marketing challenges related to user privacy, advocating for a steadfast approach.
Front view of the The Cleveland Clinic Sydell & Arnold Miller Family Pavilion building
Our Work

Transforming Cleveland Clinic’s Marketing Solutions

Cleveland Clinic partnered with Global Prairie to revolutionize their healthcare marketing solutions over a 9-month pilot. Focused on AI, automation, and technology, the initiative reimagined programs into multi-step nurture programs, leveraging Marketo's engagement engine. The results showed over 160 campaigns with a measurable ROI exceeding 1000%.
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Our Work

Shaping perceptions to improve customer sentiment

Global Prairie collaborated with Evergy on a people-centric campaign to enhance customer sentiment. Employing a disruptive and detailed creative approach, the campaign successfully increased Evergy's key performance indicators amid industry-wide declines, showcasing the campaign's effectiveness and positive impact.
Brené Brown sitting at a table while speaking into a microphone
Our Work

Helping Brené Brown build a brand… and a movement

Global Prairie collaborated with purpose powerhouse, Brené Brown, to enhance her personal brand identity, emphasizing vulnerability, courage, empathy, and shame. The partnership extended to creating an emotional and inspiring identity, engaging millions globally through social media and distinct branding.

Our Clients

  • BASF
  • Bayer
  • BioGen
  • Brené Brown
  • CDC
  • Cedars-Sinai
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • FEMA
  • Google Fiber
  • Gretchen Rubin
  • Henkel
  • Nestlé
  • Women Leaders in Sports
  • Yale

Why PurposeFirst?

The Power of Purpose
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Purpose is not a trend. It’s not a new way of saying mission or vision. Purpose answers the critical question of why you exist. It is who you are at your very best; the highest value you bring to the world. In today’s environment, brands either harness purpose or are vulnerable to disruption.  

When an authentic purpose guides a company, the benefits are boundless – on culture, employee happiness, growth, shareholder return and social impact. Purpose creates change, and done well, is the strongest force in today’s business landscape. 

That’s why we see the world PurposeFirst: it’s our philosophy, our methodology, and the bedrock principle on which we built Global Prairie.



We deliver marketing consulting services today’s organizations need, amplified by our ability to harness purpose at every turn and drive breakthrough business results through our innovative data-analytics solutions.

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AI, Automation & Technology

Empower your organization with cutting-edge technology solutions. We build transformative innovations with purpose-aligned AI-driven automation that maximizes profound change.

Branding & Creative

Tell a compelling, authentic and purpose-driven story through innovative creative solutions. We use creativity to positively impact culture and change the world. 

Brand Reputation & Leadership

Elevate your positional influence in your industry. We help executives elevate brand reputation, craft compelling narratives, and expertly navigate stakeholder relations – all grounded in purpose. 

Digital Marketing

Harness the potential of your brand’s digital presence. Our comprehensive MarTech solutions improve user experience and apply custom application development that digitally fosters purposeful genuine connections. 

Insight & Marketing Strategy

Understand your audience and your unique landscape. Using our Datafarm platform, we derive actionable insights, shaping impactful strategies to help our clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities. 

Issues Management

With a data-driven approach, organizations can successfully prepare for and weather issues that threaten their communities. We excel in using the combination of human and artificial intelligence to develop airtight public and federal affairs strategies.

Transformation & Culture

Transform your organization and strengthen your culture, with our PurposeFirst solutions. We guide cultural evolution and enable sustainable business transformation, helping organizations activate their purpose.


bringing Clarity to Complexity
We partner with performance-driven global leaders in highly regulated industries that have the greatest impact on the health of people and our planet.
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Uncover innovative solutions to feed a growing world. Through our deep knowledge and global experience across the agronomics of farming, we strategically guide our partners to drive agricultural performance, innovation and sustainability and help agricultural organizations weather any storm.  

Athletics & Higher Education

Global Prairie draws on extensive knowledge of and experience with higher education and athletics to serve the complex needs of collegiate athletics and professional sports. We collaborate with education and wellness leaders to reimagine, revitalize, and advance brands, ensuring a seamless and authentic representation across environments. 

Energy & Environment

We work with companies, organizations, and associations in the global energy industry. From clean-tech innovations to utilities to renewable and alternative energy providers, our Global Prairie team is committed to working with our clients, and all their stakeholders, to advance the development of sustainable solutions to benefit our world. 

Health Systems & Healthcare Providers

Global Prairie's healthcare practice group, comprised of dedicated marketers, collaborates with purpose-driven organizations in the dynamic healthcare ecosystem. Focused on digital health, academic medical centers, hospitals, and providers, we are committed to ensuring the vitality and innovation of healthcare systems alongside our clients. 

Nonprofits & Foundations

Empower social change with our dedicated nonprofit marketing services. Our Global Prairie team crafts strategic, boundary-breaking campaigns to boost awareness and engagement for organizations driving social change. From tailored digital strategies to compelling storytelling, we amplify your purpose, connecting you with passionate supporters. Together, let’s inspire, mobilize, and create lasting impact.  

Pharma & Biotech

Elevate your pharma-centered or biotechnology marketing with our purpose-driven consulting services. Specializing in innovative strategies for life sciences, we navigate complexities, build connections, and amplify your impact. Transform your vision into a compelling narrative, shaping a future where science and purpose converge for maximum impact. 

PurposeFirst in Action

Delivering Impact

We’re proud to partner with some of the world’s most purpose-driven organizations that are intentional about being a force for good in the world. Discover the global impact of our work. 

Gretchen Rubin

Branding & Website
Gretchen Rubin is a woman with red shoulder length hair wearing a white button up shirt, she is smiling
Best-selling author Gretchen Rubin needed a brand redesign as impactful as her work. Global Prairie accomplished this by developing a new website structure, logo, and navigation for a compelling and purposeful brand. Additionally, we collaborated with her in the launch of her book, "Life in Five Senses," resulting in heightened user traffic and a reinforced digital presence.


Brand Platform
Older woman holding her 10-year old granddaughter
Global Prairie partnered with key players in Alzheimer's advocacy to launch BrainGuide, a unique digital platform offering memory assessments and personalized Alzheimer's resources. The initiative included a comprehensive communications strategy, leveraging various channels and influencers. Global Prairie developed the branding and marketing strategy for BrainGuide, addressing the need for education and resources in the absence of an Alzheimer's cure.

Women Leaders In Sports

Smiling businesswoman at an evening event
Women Leaders in Sports tapped in Global Prairie to collaborate on a rebrand to align with its purpose and attract a diverse audience of women leaders in sports-related businesses. Extensive market research and collaboration with stakeholders led to a refreshed brand, including an updated logo and expanded color palette. The rebrand has gained recognition from leaders in college and professional sports, establishing the organization as a prominent advocate for women in sports.

Global Prairie is 100% Employee Owned


Discover more about employee ownership and how it elevates our company culture and profits, and impacts our employees, clients, and communities. Being united by a passion for purpose and innovation makes all the difference.

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Whoever did this cover, give them a round of applause.”
Oprah Winfrey, discussing NYT Best-Seller Atlas of the Heart with Author, Brené Brown
St. Peter and Bell have baked purpose into Global Prairie’s DNA by becoming a Certified B Corporation and adopting public benefit corporation legal status, both of which ensure the company is managed in a way that delivers value to all stakeholders... In its most recent re-certification, (Global Prairie) is now the 4th highest scoring B Corp in the world."
Chris Marquis, Forbes Magazine Columnist and Author of Better Buiness
Instead of ‘going public’, we’re ‘going purpose’” 
Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia, upon announcing the sale of the company would be used to fight climate change
I’ve turned to the Global Prairie team for marketing counsel for over fifteen years. Their strategy and creativity is unmatched. Now, with the additional depth in digital marketing, data analytics and AI capabilities that this merger brings, I am even more excited about this combined Global Prairie team’s strength and potential to drive growth for our business.” 
Tricia Mckernan, Vice President & Head Global Transformation & Sustainability Communications at Bayer
We are more powerful and impactful because we have Global Prairie as our trusted marketing and brand partner. During the milestone anniversary year of Title IX, the Global Prairie team helped us recognize the impact of this important legislation and honor the women in our industry who blazed trails. We are endlessly grateful for all they do to elevate our organization and women leaders everywhere.” 
Patti Phillips, CEO at Women Leaders in Sports



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