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Evolving branding to better capture an organization’s purpose and reach

Women Leaders in Sports Branding
A pair of smiling businesswomen at an evening event

Global Prairie was tasked with naming and designing the evolved brand mark and system for Women Leaders in Sports to capture the organization’s purpose and better reflect the diversity of the women leaders it serves, as the organization needed to grow to reach new members – mainly women leaders in professional and sports-related businesses.

Global Prairie conducted extensive market research with key stakeholders (both internal and external) and did a brand audit of like-minded organizations. From there, we worked to develop their purpose statement, positioning, and brand identity. Heralded by leaders in the world of college and professional sports, as well as by leaders working in sports-related businesses, the new brand has propelled the organization forward, and it is now recognized as one of the leading voices for women in sports. 

Women Leaders in Sports logo with a stylized blue person holding up a green flame

While there was strong equity in the organization’s previous name (Women Leaders in College Sports), we updated their brand and logo to keep this intact while allowing for growth. We updated and expanded the current color palette to be more versatile and created new brand patterns, graphics, and word marks – bringing a refreshed look to the existing materials.

Progression showing the original logo next to a sketch of the new logo and then the final logo with color notes

Reborn as Women Leaders in Sports, the new brand and name allow the organization to better engage with its membership base and organizational partners to further promote and cultivate women leaders working in sports. 

Reversed logo on 4 different colored backgrounds next to a women wearing a shirt with the new logo on it
Brand moodboard showing the new logo and brand elements in a stylized way

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