We deliver the core marketing consulting services today’s organizations need, amplified by our ability to harness purpose at every turn and drive insights through our innovative data-analytics infrastructure.  
AI, Automation & Technology

AI, Automation & Technology

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Our team operates at the intersection of technology and purpose. We are committed to advancing your organization through the strategic use of cutting-edge technology solutions that are fueled by our proprietary DataFarm AI intelligence and are designed to provide solutions backed by meticulous research. We specialize in crafting custom applications and harnessing the power of AI-driven automation including the latest in generative and predictive AI. Our goal is to ensure that our clients' missions are not only met, but exceeded. Our technological innovations will help empower you to effect positive change on your stakeholders and the communities you serve.
Branding & Creative

Branding & Creative

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The most compelling brands distinguish themselves through the uniqueness and authenticity of their purpose. Our expert guidance and breakthrough creative solutions ensures your brand not only stands out – it stands for who you truly are.  

We specialize in crafting cohesive strategies across social media platforms. Our expertise encompasses the creation of user-friendly web interfaces, the conceptualization of impactful digital campaigns, and the art of compelling storytelling. Our primary goal is to elevate your brand, ensuring it not only stands out in the market but also effectively delivers on your objectives. We specialize in brand positioning, architecture & identity, brand design, branded interiors, creative & content strategy, and advertising to build strong brands that foster emotional connections and increase user engagement.  
Brand Reputation & Leadership

Brand Reputation & Leadership

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Elevate your positional influence in your industry.  Our team specializes in assisting leaders to build and enhance their brand reputation and establish trust within their respective sectors. Our comprehensive approach encompasses thought leadership, executive visibility, and stakeholder engagement. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of leadership and amplify your personal brand, ensuring that your brand stands out in your field.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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We provide innovative digital solutions to deliver measurable bottom-line impact. Leveraging our technical expertise across paid media, search engine optimization, analytics, marketing automation, content marketing, front-end development and user experience, our team is focused on developing and implementing strategies that drive results for your business. 
Insight & Marketing Strategy

Insight & Marketing Strategy

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To create impactful purpose-driven strategies, it’s crucial to deeply understand your audience and the landscape in which you operate – from market dynamics and regulatory shifts to industry trends and cultural nuances. Fueled by our DataFarm™ proprietary research platform, our team mines data of any kind to articulate actionable insight and shape strategies that help our clients answer critical questions and solve their most pressing challenges. From super-charged audience insights and stakeholder mapping to real-time campaign dashboards and predictive AI analysis, we harness data-driven decision making for greater business and social impact.  
Issues Management

Issues Management

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With a data-driven, strategic approach, organizations can successfully prepare for and weather issues that threaten organizations and communities. We excel in using the combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to develop airtight public and federal affairs strategies that make our clients stronger. We work as an extension of your team, leveraging our years of experience and cutting edge data offerings to arrive at solutions that create more resilient organizations. 
Transformation & Culture

Transformation & Culture

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In a world of constant change, a strong, inclusive organizational culture is absolutely necessary for achieving sustainable and scalable growth. And at Global Prairie, we recognize that a purpose-driven culture is not just a goal or destination: it's a journey. With our PurposeFirst solutions, you can elevate and hone your organization’s culture, building a foundation for enhanced employee attraction, engagement, productivity and retention. We specialize in facilitating cultural and business transformation within organizations of all shapes and sizes. By understanding the unique dynamics of your company, we tailor cultural evolution strategies that align with your purpose and help unlock your vision. 

Harnessing Data for Strategic Decision-Making


What if you could make data work for you? Our proprietary research platform harnesses data to enable super-charged insights and strategic decision-making. Across internal and external sources, we put data to work for you. 

Purpose First in Action

Delivering Impact

We’re proud to partner with some of the world’s most purpose-driven organizations. All are intentional about their organization being a force for good in the world. Discover the global impact of our work. 

Gretchen Rubin

Branding & Website
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Best-selling author Gretchen Rubin needed a brand redesign as impactful as her work. Global Prairie accomplished this by developing a new website structure, logo, and navigation for a compelling and purposeful brand. Additionally, we collaborated with her in the launch of her book, "Life in Five Senses," resulting in heightened user traffic and a reinforced digital presence.


Brand Platform
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Global Prairie partnered with key players in Alzheimer's advocacy to launch BrainGuide, a unique digital platform offering memory assessments and personalized Alzheimer's resources. The initiative included a comprehensive communications strategy, leveraging various channels and influencers. Global Prairie developed the branding and marketing strategy for BrainGuide, addressing the need for education and resources in the absence of an Alzheimer's cure.

Women Leaders In Sports

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Women Leaders in Sports tapped in Global Prairie to collaborate on a rebrand to align with its purpose and attract a diverse audience of women leaders in sports-related businesses. Extensive market research and collaboration with stakeholders led to a refreshed brand, including an updated logo and expanded color palette. The rebrand has gained recognition from leaders in college and professional sports, establishing the organization as a prominent advocate for women in sports.

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