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Shaping perceptions to improve customer sentiment

Evergy Customer-first Campaign
On the left, a man plugging a cable in to an electrical outlet, on the right a man wearing a hardhat and an Evergy uniform working on a power cable

Let’s be real: nobody thinks about their utility company until they get a bill, they see a logo on a truck or something goes wrong. That’s especially true when they’re the only choice as a provider. So how do you get your customers to feel good about your brand when they don’t ever think about it?

Mother sitting next to her young son, she is holding a laptop and they both are looking at it

Our Global Prairie team worked with our longtime client, Evergy, to launch a campaign focused on improving customer sentiment. The focus was on the positive ways that Evergy impacts their customers, aiming to drive up customer pride in having Evergy as their power provider.

Collage of the brand campaign elements that were put together including a billboard, social posts and a website

The result was a people-first campaign that nods to the customer being at the center of everything Evergy does. The fully integrated campaign ran across all channels, including a paid campaign, to drive awareness, reaching customers where they are and giving them a chance to consider Evergy in a new way.

The creative approach was disruptive, detailed and attention-keeping, pulling viewers through the messaging with the tangible ways they use energy juxtaposed with the ways the people at Evergy create it. Powerful parallels that personalize it for the customer.

Open magazine spread showing an Evergy ad

The results of the campaign spoke for themselves, with Evergy’s primary business KPIs increasing in a year that that the industry at large saw scores decline. The increase was directly attributed to the campaign.

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