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Designing a book’s cover and interior that spoke to the “heart” of its title

Atlas of the Heart Book Design
The book "Atlas of the Heart" by Brené Brown, set against a red background

Brené Brown consulted Global Prairie for the cover and interior design of her new book, “Atlas of the Heart”, specifically requesting a design that would stand out from all of her other books. Knowing that this book would be a New York Times bestseller, we collaborated very closely with Brené to see it come to life in a bright and bold fashion. 

Large graphic heart and title of the book

Global Prairie’s close alignment with Brené’s values and teachings guided our purpose behind this work. With this in mind, we worked to ensure a consistent, profound message was conveyed through the color, symbol usage and overall design of “Atlas of the Heart”.

Oprah loved the book's look so much that she asked Brené who designed it on her podcast. It was a #1 New York Times bestseller, sold over 9+ million copies, and has been developed into a series for HBO Max.


This is a beautiful book! A hefty book — I love a book, book. Whoever did this design, please give them a round of applause."
oprah winfrey
Ornate gold frame with heart artwork on top of an ivy background next to the book title

As a team, Global Prairie showed incredible resilience and teamwork to deliver on the following design elements: lettering, art direction, color guidance, cover layout, and page layout. 

Two books next to each other opened up to different designed out spreads
Close up of cover artwork next to a navy blue store display full of books
14 different mock ups of book cover concepts for Atlas of the Heart book

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