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Launching a novel carbon credit program to engage future-focused farmers

Bayer Carbon Marketplace Launch
A person crouched over the ground holding wheat stalks in their hands

Bayer came to Global Prairie looking for help engaging farmers and carbon-producing companies to get them involved in ForGround, a first-of-its-kind carbon credit marketplace.

The challenge lay in that the program could be difficult to understand and that farmers were growing increasingly frustrated with the topic of sustainability. They wanted action, not lip service. We needed to ensure this program was communicated in a clear and confident way so it could cut through the noise and foster farmer buy-in.

Close up of green plants with a clear blue sky behind them, the words "ForGround by Bayer" are on top of the sky

Bayer needed a launch strategy to help farmers and other stakeholders recognize that ForGround was an initiative worth their investment. So, we designed a distinct brand identity, developed a membership website detailing the complicated carbon credit marketplace story, and officially debuted the ForGround program with a Bayer booth experience at the Commodity Classic (a by-farmers, for-farmers educational experience).

Two banner images for the "ForGround" campaign next to a Mac desktop with the web component next to it
Three images showing different branding elements for the carbon campaign
"ForGround" calling cards showing the branded wordmark

We created a simple wordmark approach for the ForGround logo. One that could live on its own but also be easily combined with various partner logos.

The core color palette consists of dark greens, browns, and blues to visually reinforce ForGround by Bayer’s focus on soil and crops. While the bright green acts as an accent color and nods to technology and innovation.

ForGround brand elements such as brand guidelines spreads, iconography design, and graph styling

ForGround photography is reflective of the desired audience. Images capture diverse, young (late 30’s to 40’s) and older (50+) farmers within the realities of operating a farm business: the day-to-day interactions with crops, equipment, and logistics. We paired this with  images of regenerative agriculture practices up close, focused on soil health, no-till, erosion prevention, and moisture loss.

Farmers are now able to enroll their fields in ForGround, getting paid for adopting regenerative agriculture practices such as cover crops and reduced tillage. They also receive year-round support from a team of agronomists, along with exclusive rebates and discounts.

Not only does their participation contribute to a more sustainable future across the agriculture value chain, but it’s also helping to strengthen the soil for future generations.

Collage of different images of farmers and their fields next to the rest of the brand guidelines

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