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Cleveland Clinic Foundation Philanthropy Digital Magazine
A pair of photos juxtaposing a contemporary surgeon performing a surgery with a historical one

Seeking broader engagement for their health magazine, a major health philanthropy institute needed a visually striking, flexible digital experience that would ensure widespread impact. 

Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy embarked on the creation of a biannual printed magazine, spotlighting key donors and impactful programs for the health system and partners – and as part of their centennial celebration, wanted to expand their reach and make the magazine digital as well. Because the organization has a diverse and global audience, the magazine needed to resonate with many kinds of people and distinctly communicate their purpose. 

Beginning with in-depth persona research and journey mapping, Global Prairie analyzed and optimized interactions with diverse donors, providing optimal strategies to maximize the incredible impact Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy makes. The magazine's unique visual identity provided a canvas to explore underutilized brand elements, ensuring an engaging experience that transcended the print edition. We also ensured that they had a flexible digital solution that allows Cleveland Clinic to add to the digital magazine for years to come. 

Homepage of the very first CCF Magazine

Global Prairie worked to bring awareness to all the good that Cleveland Clinic does, beyond treating their patients. Through highlighting their world-class staff, to sharing the breakthroughs and research they work on every day, the work served as an opportunity to share Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy’s purpose with a large audience.

Cleveland Clinic's Centennial logo placed on top of one of their hospitals on main campus

Our digital work helped Cleveland Clinic raise more money to create a healthier, happier world. A profound element of the digital magazine included an extraordinary digital impact report for the historic Power of Every One Centennial Campaign. Going beyond mundane charts, Global Prairie designed a report that featured innovative data visualizations, including a pixel-coded tapestry representing each donor.  

Users could interact with the visuals, diving into staggering numbers and stories of impact across patient care, research, and education. The blend of compelling profiles, inspirational quotes, and striking visuals ensured that the report, chronicling the campaign's record-breaking success, resonated as a truly impactful and visually stunning narrative.  

Laptop showing the homepage of the Centennial Magazine next to different screen shots of the interior pages

The true legacy of the Power of Every One is hard to fathom. We were proud to do work that helped make such a positive change – since its founding it 2011, the campaign that has raised $2.58B from 375k donors across the U.S. and around the world, ultimately impacting the care of 100M+ patients. The work Global Prairie contributed to The Power of Every One Centennial Campaign Impact Report won a Grand Winner NYX Award for the Website Category, further solidifying the groundbreaking work done in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy. 

As part of our process, we identified audience interactions and pain points and designed the magazine utilizing HubSpot's landing page feature. The magazine, while still utilizing aspects of the Cleveland Clinic brand, was a unique look from all other web properties which allowed the team to explore some of the lesser used elements within the brand guidelines, and find ways to let the amazing imagery be the star of the magazine. The magazine also required an updated logo which the team collaborated on with the Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy and Cleveland Clinic brand groups to create a solution that would work across all devices.

Screens from the award winning Power of Everyone report

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