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Activating tech adoption to stop the spread of COVID-19

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Campaign
Sunset view overlooking a city from atop a rocky alpine hill

As COVID-19 continued its exponential spread, the State of Colorado wanted to launch the first statewide use of Google and Apple’s new Exposure Notification technology to curb the spread of the virus and ultimately save lives. The service can alert users if they have been near someone who has been positively diagnosed with the virus without giving away their identity.   

In just four weeks, Global Prairie developed and launched a comprehensive creative campaign to build awareness and persuade Coloradans to join the fight by adopting the new technology. 

We took an integrated approach that utilized paid media to quickly build mass scale and reach, earned media to provide credibility, and grassroots community outreach to connect across a diverse and skeptical population.  

Tablet showing the digital guide with the branded icons and handout
Banner ad that says "My Phone is in the covid fight"

We leveraged the original asset offered by Google but gave it a Colorado spin. With a forest green primary color and outline of the Rockies, Coloradans could immediately recognize this campaign was for them. We carried these colors, simple icons, and easy-to-read fonts through all activations, including the landing page, digital banners, and bus and transit posters. 

The campaign evolved based on learnings from earlier rollouts to tailor messaging that led with individual benefits and emphasized the ease of participation. All assets were also created in both English and Spanish to ensure that the LatinX/Hispanic population would have access to the information as they were one of the populations with a disproportionate burden of COVID-19 cases. 

man holding a cell phone with the advertisement for the campaign in spanish pulled up
Large wooden sign with rock pillars on either side that says "Welcome to Colorful Colorado"

Colorado surpassed its original 30-day goal of enrolling 1 million Coloradans in the first three days. All told, more than 1.4 million residents (more than a quarter of the population) enlisted their phones in the fight against COVID-19.

With an estimated 1 infection averted for every 2 users, this widespread adoption dramatically helped lower cases and saved lives in Colorado.

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