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Transforming Cleveland Clinic’s Marketing Solutions

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In the healthcare industry, marketing relevant and engaging content poses a challenge for many healthcare organizations.

While Cleveland Clinic has a brand patients trust around the world and a treasure trove of content, they faced a challenge of getting the right message to the right person at the right time at scale to drive meaningful education and patent acquisition. In addition, the marketing team required integrated analytics for smarter decision-making.

Cleveland Clinic selected Global Prairie as partners for a 9-month pilot to enhance their marketing approach. Programs were reimagined into multi-step nurture programs, leveraging Marketo’s engagement engine and progressive profiling to tailor content for different personas. Tracking code was implemented across digital properties, allowing effective measurement of engagement and content success. A custom integration with Cleveland Clinic's data warehouse provided a unified approach to data management and ROI measurement.

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Our goal was to create an engagement engine to help ensure any prospective patients could find the content and care that they needed in their individual patient journeys and ultimately, improve their health and wellbeing. The key insight guiding the solution was finding a balance between people, process, and technology. 

Recognizing the positive ROI of existing programs, the focus was on recommending improvements that would impact operational efficiency, patient lead time, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Involving multiple institutes early in the process ensured broader scale and long-term success. 

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In three quarters, over 160 campaigns and newsletters were implemented, showcasing a measurable ROI exceeding 1000% for some programs.

The lead-to-patient conversion time saw an estimated reduction of 15-30 days. Marketo's implementation extended beyond patient acquisition to advertising, event management, and social media marketing. Cleveland Clinic's adoption and success with Marketo demonstrate the solution's effectiveness in improving efficiency, patient lead time, and overall campaign performance. 

A pioneer in the healthcare industry, Cleveland Clinic embraced marketing automation at scale nearly a decade ago. This groundbreaking project, initiated almost 10 years ago, remains dynamic and continues to evolve, demonstrating a commitment to constant innovation and forward-thinking.

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