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Celebrating 200 years of excellence through branding that evokes the past and invites the future

Colgate University Campus Design
Interior mural with bold type that reads "Defend the 13" and "Live True to the Memory of those Thirteen"

Marrying its 200-year history with its current commitment to athletic success, Global Prairie designed physical spaces to personify the essence of Colgate University’s student athletes for the next generation. We helped create a unifying athletic message to honor and celebrate the university’s rich athletics history during its bicentennial. 

Corner of the arena and an up close image of the graphic

In partnership with Colgate’s Athletic Department, Global Prairie transformed the physical buildings and facilities across campus to reflect the embodiment of the University’s values and traditions. Introducing new signage, imagery and murals, our environmental design work remembers Colgate’s deep athletic past while ushering in success and kinsmanship for the next generation of Colgate student athletes. 

Large staircase with graphic treatments on the wall to the left and large windows on the right

Working with athletic department leaders, Global Prairie leveraged historical information to bring honor and passion to the football, hockey, volleyball, soccer and lacrosse programs’ histories. Pulling in historical records, artifacts and fight songs, we elevated stories from previous decades by incorporating them into athletic spaces as a canvas for storytelling. 

Large graphic of Colgate on a wall that is above the red and white bleachers

Whether a student-athlete, alum, staff or visiting team member, these redesigned athletic environments highlight the rich history within Colgate athletics. 

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