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Uniting two utility innovators under one energizing new brand

Evergy Rebranding
Maintenance worker standing on top of a wind turbine

When neighboring utility providers KCP&L and Westar agreed to merge and serve customers as one company, their leaders embraced transformational change. This new organization needed a revitalized brand to express just how innovative, future-focused, and community-centric the Midwest’s largest energy provider would be. 

Two men wearing hard hats walking down a gravel road that runs next to wind turbines

Grounded in research that included consulting with customers and employees, we started by crafting a positioning that united their legacies of dedicated customer service with a passion for advancing energy innovation. To breathe life into that vision, we created a new brand: Evergy. A combination of ever and energy, Evergy conveys the company’s proud history as a reliable, enduring source of energy for the communities they serve and their vision to continue being so far into the future. 

We wanted the Evergy logo to feel modern and energized, reflecting the forward-thinking sensibilities behind both former companies. It also needed to be simple so it could easily scale while staying recognizable on everything from hard hats to billboards.   

Our next task was to help Evergy pull their new brand through every level of the company’s offerings: from holding company to operating companies, departments to employee resource groups, products and services to marketing channels. The resulting Evergy Brand Architecture system provided the backbone the new company needed to consistently, thoughtfully apply their brand across all entities, meeting the needs of a variety of stakeholders.  

Moodboard with the new logo on top of different colored backgrounds

In the first year following launch, Evergy’s stock growth outpaced the market by a factor of 3, reflecting the new brand’s ability to convey the forward-focused, visionary strategy the new company has embraced. 

Open booklets showing the brand guidelines next to the new Evergy color pallette
New Evergy business cards next to an image of a wind turbine
Updated iconography styles next to an image of two men working on electrical poles

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