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Lazear Branding
Grayscale photo of a man crossing a street in a bustling city overlaid with a thin white line and circle

As one of the leading Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) and Merger & Acquisition teams nationwide, Lazear brings deep expertise and creativity to an industry not known for its innovation. They help business owners define and execute personally fulfilling transition strategies for their organization as they move into their next phase of life.  

However, the Lazear team needed to clearly communicate what sets them apart to their stakeholders and infuse that positioning into a refreshed brand experience and website, attracting new clients and enriching Lazear’s “digital front door.”  

Branded image that says - Maximize wealth that enriches a person's world

Through stakeholder interviews and client workshops, we uncovered the simple truth behind the complexity of what Lazear offers and why. It quickly became apparent that there was a connection between wealth and well-being. Lazear has a unique approach of starting with self-reflective, “whole person goals,” which lead to incredibly tailored and personalized solutions for their clients. Solutions that look at transition through both a financial and lifestyle lens to maximize wealth that enriches a person’s world.  

We infused that truth into the storytelling on with new copy, a custom wordmark, an updated site architecture, and compelling visuals that tell the Lazear story while invoking how it feels to partner with Lazear.

We built on the legacy of Lazear while refreshing their identity, taking the current wordmark and updating it to a serif typeface with elements that find the balance between refined luxury and approachability. The goal was to feel prestigious but not pretentious, with customized letterforms created just for Lazear—a subtle nod to the personalized approach Lazear takes with every client.  

Brand guidelines on the left with additional branded elements
Branded elements next to the business card design
interior building shot with the follow text "At Lazear, we work to understand the whole person. We partner with business owners to discover and develop innovative, individualized plans."

Shape and color served as additional supportive storytelling elements. The circle symbolizes Lazear’s approach to the whole life, whole person, and their “wholistic wealth.” While the line is an extension of those connections.   

The shift towards a green-leading color palette represents new beginnings and growth, while also having a clear association with finance and abundance. As a secondary color, cream elicits feelings of warmth and decadence.   

Pairing these visual choices with rich, high contrast and black and white color photography enhances the sense of legacy and intentionality that is at the core of the Lazear ethos.  

Mockup of the new website design utilizing the brand colors and fonts

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