The Med-Metrix "X" logomark outline overlaid over a young woman speaking into a mobile phone

Med-Metrix is a leading provider of performance and revenue cycle management (RCM) services and technology to the healthcare industry. Since their founding in 2010, the company has grown significantly thanks to industry-leading expertise and a strategic approach to acquisitions. As they readied for their next stage of business growth, they recognized the need for a new strategy. One that brought seven brands under one banner: one name, look, voice, and, most importantly, one clearly defined guiding purpose. 

We developed a brand positioning that would act as a stake in the ground—"the power of will”—a phrase that is both memorable and motivating. It captures the energy, excellence, and go-getter mentality that Med-Metrix is known for, with a double allusion to sheer will and the will to succeed.  

This allowed Med-Metrix to align their choices moving forward while energizing current and future partners.  

animation of Med-Metrix logo

The power of will is all about confidence, conviction, and collaboration. It’s this spirit that drove the approach to the new, bold brand mark. As the primary beacon for the visual identity, the logo features a symbolic X made of two arrows converging around a central point, signifying two elements coming together to create a tailored solution, with the two parts greater together than alone.   

New Med-Metrix logo next to purple and dark blue business cards with the new branding
Brand elements like color pallette, brand pattern, and open spreads of the brand guidelines

Color plays a vital role in the new identity as well. The primary palette is grounded in a classic, dependable navy blue but paired with a brighter UV blue that has a calming yet innovative feel. Secondary and tertiary colors round out an eclectic and electric palate that reflects the fearless approach Med-Metrix takes to transformation.  

This is complemented by an assertive and savvy brand voice brought to life in bold, blocky fonts that infuse the Med-Metrix experience with personality and sets them apart from the competition.

Desktop Mac with new website design displayed, next to two interior page designs

We brought this new branding to life on the refreshed, with a clarified product portfolio and user experience that better reflected the customer journey.   

Since the launch, Med-Metrix has seen an enhanced market perception. They’ve reported multiple consecutive months of record sales growth, propelling the company to new heights under one unified front.  

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