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Med-Metrix X-Factor Campaign
The Med-Metrix arrow brand icon outline overlaid over a young bearded man looking to the side

Med-Metrix has been a leading provider of revenue cycle management (RCM) services to the healthcare industry since 2010, enjoying significant growth driven mostly by their reputation. However, they were looking to build greater brand awareness, showcase their full product portfolio, and extend their reach to new audiences by showing up (and showing off) in the same spaces as the other big players.  

Med-Metrix animated graphic with slogan: "Our will is powerful. Our will makes things happen."

To get to the next stage of their evolution, Med-Metrix needed their brand and marketing program to have the same level of sophistication and data-driven, measurable approach as the rest of their business. Global Prairie set and executed a roadmap to deliver a revitalized brand identity and a foundational marketing ecosystem that would shake up the RCM industry. 

Our roadmap moved the Med-Metrix audience from awareness down the funnel to conversion and sales engagement. But before we took action, we developed a campaign to align and inspire our marketing tactics. 

Med-Metrix is their clients’ competitive edge. That extension of their team that gets them farther, faster, towards their revenue goals—that X-Factor. To bring the X-Factor campaign to life we made the Med-Metrix “X” the visual hero: bold, eye-catching, and intentionally present to help push for greater brand recognition. We partnered this with copy that was irreverent and disruptive, reflecting how today’s Med-Metrix is unlike what’s been seen in the RCM space before.  

We pulled this campaign to paid print and digital ads living on LinkedIn, and endemic placements on Modern Healthcare, Becker’s Healthcare, and HFMA.

Med-Metrix animated graphic with messaging lines: "I have zero time." "Perfect. We love zeros. Let's add more of them to your revenue."
Open magazine spread showing a stylish female executive next to the brand messaging
Branded white paper

We also created interactive tools and dynamic whitepapers and advertorials, establishing Med-Metrix as thought-leaders in the RCM space. These enticed qualified audiences to click through on strategic ad placements on LinkedIn, endemic media, and paid search, driving them to lead gen capture landing pages on  

One-sheeter layout next to the landing page design
Different email layouts that are a part of the campaign

In addition, we created high-value nurture campaigns, directing leads into channels specific to their needs with an “Expert Access” video interview series featuring insights straight from the experts behind Med-Metrix.

We made a successful impact by increasing chances for more new business with impressions reaching over 4.2 million people.

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