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Developing a brand system and mark that became a national sensation overnight

100th Anniversary of the Negro Leagues
The Negro Leagues 1920–2020 logotype overlaid over a monochromatic photo of a Kansas City Monarchs player running toward a base

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues, Global Prairie partnered with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to conceptualize and develop a brand mark with a unifying identity to be used for licensing, media, and events on and off the baseball field. The mark became a universal logo across all major media outlets for the entirety of the campaign.

Negro Leagues branding assets from top left: (1) Negro Leagues 100th Anniversary logo construction sheet, (2) Barnstorming Tour two color print art depicting logo and tour bus, (3) Close up of a baseball uniform, (4) Minimalist icon of a baseball, (5) Brand color specifications for red, navy blue, light blue, and white, (6) Black and white photo of baseball player
From top left: (1) Negro Leagues 100th Anniversary logo on side of bus, (2) A can of Tip Your Cap Baseball Beer, (3) Kansas City Monarchs logo on side of bus

Our team proposed the silhouette of a player posing with confidence, style and swagger after reviewing hundreds of historical photos and conducting a workshop to understand the key messages for the mark.

Close up of baseball uniforms with the Negro Leagues patch

Global Prairie has supported the Museum with pro bono work and board service for more than 15 years. Purpose guided our work – the celebration of Negro Leagues Baseball history was not just a sports story, it was a civil rights story that started many movements.

From top to bottom: (1) Red pennant with the number 22, autograph of Buck O'Neil, and text "Wrapped With Heart - A RideKC Salute to Buck O'Neil and the Negro Leagues ❤️ KC", (2) Michael Jordan and Barack Obama tipping their baseball caps with accompanying text "A tip of the cap to those great Negro Leagues ballplayers who paved the way .... from Michael Jordan."

The Negro Leagues Museum was able to capitalize on the significant interest in the Museum's centennial celebration, and the logo played a large and visible role.

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