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Transforming a sustainability story that put O-I one step ahead of the industry

O-I Glass Sustainability Campaign
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With growing environmental concerns, the demand for carbon footprint data in the consumer sector has surged. However, the lack of industry consensus or regulations on measuring environmental impact has led to inconsistent data releases in the packaging industry. This inconsistency makes it nearly impossible for consumer goods makers to compare the environmental impact of different packaging materials. 

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As the largest glass bottle manufacturer, O-I Glass entrusted us with transforming their Sustainability Report to redefine the glass life-cycle assessment. We crafted a compelling narrative through an interactive report, video and social assets that communicated O-I Glass's commitment to sustainability. Our comprehensive role in the production process for these deliverables involved developing clear design hierarchy, seamlessly integrating b-roll footage and overcoming industry challenges to tell an impactful story.  

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O-I went from being in a defensive position against plastics and paper-based packaging competitors to establishing a higher standard of clarity for conducting environmental impact assessments in the consumer goods packaging industry. Today, glass goes toe-to-toe with other packaging materials when it comes to issues like carbon footprints. 

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Incorporating social media into our strategy enhanced the project's reach and engagement, creating a more comprehensive and multi-faceted campaign for O-I Glass.

Global Prairie is proud to capture O-I’s impact through compelling content like its annual sustainability report which also serves as a content repository for the brand. 

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