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Unleashing a Nonprofit’s purposeful potential 

Pawsperity Positioning & Branding
A grayscale headshot of a cocker spaniel framed by a red pattern composed of the Pawsperity logotype

The Grooming Project was founded as a nonprofit that lifts families out of poverty and homelessness by training single parents in the high-paid trade of dog grooming. With an expansion on the horizon and concerns around its current name arising from donors, the organization needed a new name and brand to foster its next chapter of growth.  

Grounded with in-depth insights from the organization’s leadership and key stakeholders, Global Prairie deployed our PurposeFirst approach in the development of a purpose statement that would inspire the new name and brand: unleashing the power of human potential through pet care.

Logo next to a card that says "Pet care that unleashes human potential"

The renaming process resulted in a name that the organization could fully embrace: Pawsperity.  

The Pawsperity name represents the regenerative impact, self-reliance, and prosperity the organization nurtures in its students and their children, with a nod to the role pets play in unleashing these better futures. 

We brought the new name to life with a visual brand identity that captures and propels the organization’s purpose. The new logo blends the warmth and fluidity of a script with the energy and boldness of a serif. It’s classic, yet modern in a way that will stand the test of time.  

Paired with lifestyle photography, the brand showcases the connection between people and pets, alongside photography washed in the new color palette to invoke quick brand recognition. 

New Pawsperity logotype shown on an orange background on top and below on top of a close up of dog paws
Medium sized down with curly furred ears next to a collage of dog toys, treats and grooming equipment
Spreads from the brand guidelines next to different branded materials with the Pawsperity logo
Hand holding a Pawsperity graduation program and a fancy sugar cookie with a small dog made out of frosting on top

The Pawsperity brand launched to great fanfare at the organization’s gala. The leadership team shared that the Pawsperity name and brand received unanimous support and celebration from its board, customers, students and other key stakeholders —with a seamless rollout from start to finish.  

The new brand and name have shepherded the final stages of a facility expansion that will triple the number of students whose lives Pawsperity can change each year, further expanding its impact across the community. 

Pawsperity headquarters images showcasing the new brand, and graphic treatment in several areas within the building

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