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Boosting leads for a major sanitization brand 

Purell Marketing Automation
A blurry out of focus image of a collection of Purell cleaning products with a circular area focused on a Purell Healthcare Surface Disinfectant spray bottle

Purell, the leading sanitizer brand, wanted to launch a new product: a sanitizing spray. This task involved automating a manual sample program and improving qualification processes to ensure they were reaching the right customers in healthcare and food service industries for free trial requests.

Group of coworkers in a conference room at a table with a conference phone and container of Purell wipes on top

Global Prairie put the latest in marketing automation to work, crafting a 4-part drip email campaign and a cohesive nurture and branded experience. Our intentional approach involved a thorough trial application, business verification, and automated fulfillment, ensuring a streamlined journey for qualified prospects. In just 10 months, sales-ready leads surged by 250%, unqualified trial programs decreased, and countless hours were saved through automation.

Purell landing pages mocked up in a desktop computer and iPhone

Our solution was guided by insights into both the buying and trial processes. We discovered that the majority of ideal customers purchased sanitation products through large distributors, while smaller organizations sought online retailers like Amazon, Staples, and Office Max. To address this, our automated approach ensured that qualified individuals in the trial program were seamlessly connected to the appropriate "ways to buy" based on their preferences and organizational size. 

Female physician holding an iPad next to Purell's new surface sanitizing spray

We deployed Adobe Marketo for marketing automation, coupled with custom development for seamless integration with a third-party fulfillment vendor.

This project was featured at the Adobe Summit in a case study speaking session on effective ways to use Adobe Marketo integrations for scale.

Our work was a small part of ensuring that our front-line workers in hospitals and other industries have the most effective protection against germs, viruses and chemicals for their hand sanitation needs.

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