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Expanding Uncornered’s Influence In Our Most Violent Communities

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It’s no secret the horrible impacts of gun violence plague communities across the United States. Uncornered, an organization with a unique model to ending this cycle of violence, sought a partner to help extend its impact from Boston to more of our nation’s cities.   

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Harnessing the power of storytelling and data, Global Prairie worked with Uncornered to bring to life their innovative and proven approach to forge a path to a more peaceful future. Global Prairie partnered with Uncornered to articulate its purpose and demonstrate its proven and potential impact through compelling messaging and branding that reached critical audiences. Building on these compelling messages, Global Prairie deployed a multi-pronged strategy of stakeholder and grassroots engagement, as well as earned and owned media strategies, to meet their key audiences where they are.  


I love helping my people. I have a passion for doing this work and seeing people change, build their lives and their community. This is my calling and I get to model change for other people. The ones coming up behind me see me talking to Jeff (mental health counselor) and let their guard down a little bit and get into a place where they can think differently about how to deal with their problems."
Victor pouncil, Core Influencer Lead+ Kansas City, Missouri

The unique model Uncornered focuses on provides support to individuals who influence violence in their communities. These “Core Influencers” are brought into the program and provided a range of support structures, including financial, mental health and spiritual resources.   

Global Prairie developed a campaign that highlighted these influencers and showed the real-life impact this approach was making. These stories were highlighted across various channels, including content development, web and social strategy.   

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The team optimized content for maximum impact, creating compelling calls-to-action to attract new donors and advocates. Global Prairie documented the measurable impact of Uncornered through quarterly data-driven insights reports. By showcasing the incredible impact made by Uncornered, creating clear calls to action, and amplifying it through earned, owned and paid channels, Uncornered attracted the attention of more and more supporters, expanding its influence and impact.   

Uncornered impact report

Global Prairie launched Uncornered’s social media channel which saw immediate success. From collaborative posts from NFL players to a shoutout on national television, the external exposure helped Uncornered reach new heights. Global Prairie's social media support has played a crucial role in Uncornered's growth. Overall, the collaborative efforts succeeded in making a meaningful connection with audiences and achieving tangible results, manifesting in increased support across the cities they serve.   

Guided by a clear purpose, this project, emblematic of Global Prairie's purpose to use business as a force for good, stands out for its direct impact on one of our nation’s most concerning issues - gun violence. Noteworthy for its measurable outcomes, such as increased donor and public support in the nonprofit’s mission to reduce shootings, the project exemplifies Global Prairie's commitment to creating positive societal change. The unique combination of compelling storytelling, grassroots advocacy, and paid, earned and owned amplification sets the Uncornered project apart, illustrating our transformative approach to using business strategies for the betterment of communities.  

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